Am I Living Up To My Full Potential?


The manner in which one spends his or her life depends on the amount of resources they have or the kind of activities they like. There are determinants that will point out the type of life that one should live. Many people get confused on the type of activities that they should be engaged in. One should always ensure that they consider these factors so that they live a life that they desire most and have the joy they should experience in their lives. Different people have different likes and dislikes and it is important that one should ensure they engage in activities they like and also avoid the ones that they do not like. These are some of the factors that one should consider for him or her to have a happy life within their capacity;

Amount of resources they have
The first determinant of the type of life that one should live is the amount of resources that they have. This will range from the amount of money that one has. One should only be able to use the money they have and still be able to save some money that they can use for investments. To be able to increase the amount of money that one has, they should always engage in investments as this will increase the profits they make. This will also provide them with money that they can use for leisure activities or other entertainment activities that they would like to take part in.

The social nature of their lives
Different people always have a different manner in which they relate to other people. There are people who are highly social and would always want to be where people are. Such people end up having many friends compared to the others who are not equally social as them. There are others who like to be alone and do not like the company of other people. It is important to note that the level of social life that one lives will determine the manner in which they will be able to solve the problems they have.

Problems are always part of life and the manner in which one solves them will depend on the rate at which they relate with other people. Many people who are highly social have higher chances of solving the problems they have because they share the problems they have with others and therefore come up with good solutions. Those who are highly social are likely to live a happy life compared to the people who prefer to be alone.

The type of activities that one likes
Different people like different activities. These ranges from sports to other activities that people may take part in during their free time. It is important to spare time to take part in such activities as they help the brain to relax. Some of such activities may also help one to be able to develop the talents they have, and therefore, become a good source of income for them. It is important that one should look for the activities they like most and engage in them rather than spending time on activities that they find difficult to carry out. The happiest people are the ones who engage in activities they like which they find very easy to carry out.

Interests and ideologies
People have different interests in life and ideas related to a given issue. If one is interested in a given field of study, for example, it is important that he or she should fully exploit the potential they have in that field. It is people with such interests who end up coming up with good innovations and discoveries that are very important. Putting an idea into practice will require a person who has the courage to invest in the ideas they have.

The manner in which one lives life will therefore depend on many factors. This is what results in the different types of lifestyles that people engage in. The main important aspect that one should look at is that they should not engage in any illegal activity. There is no way one can claim that they have an interest in carrying out illegal activities. In most cases, they will end up exposing their lives to danger. Every person has a great potential and talent that they can capitalize in order to have a good source of income that they like to engage in. These factors will ensure that one lives life according to their likes and therefore live a happy life.

What Triggers My Stress?

Stress Triggers Explained With Proven Best Ways to Remain Stress-Free

When it comes to what triggers my stress, the view from people online is “just about everything these days.” In fact, there is guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that advices all people to recognize the causes of stress before it is too late. For instance, CDC experts point to stress related health issues as being on the rise in this time of climate change and terrorism fear.

Stress psychological and deadly

There are many people sharing views on social networking sites that say they have feelings of mental pressure and strain that result in bouts of stress. This type of stress is never considered healthy because it can lead to bodily harm in the form of a heart attack, ulcers, mental illness and even a stroke. While the view from health experts is stress can be controlled, the CDC warns people to be on guard whenever they feel “pressure or any discomfort” because these warning signs are a clear and present danger that a stroke may be forthcoming if precautions are not taken.

The best ways to avoid stress include:

– Try and control everyday hassles and annoyances before it gets out of hand.

– Take time to walk, mediate, rest, take a nap or anything that can help break the cycle of mental anguish that results in feelings of stress.

– Avoid too much conflict in one’s day-to-day life.

In general, there are many proven ways to be less stressful, say doctors commenting online.

What triggers stress?

There are many life events that can trigger stress. The most common examples of stress producers include a marriage in trouble, keeping up with one’s studies in high school and college, the death of a family member, friend or work mate, the birth of a child with all the associated worries and any type of illness. While mental health professionals say there is no easy one fix to avoid stress as a human being, there are ways and means to deal with stressful life events so that one’s mental and physical sense of well-being is not put in harm’s way. For instance, there are new Centers for Disease Control (CDC) research that points to a need for all people of all ages avoiding “chronic events” that produce stressful feelings. In turn, the CDC experts recommend more “positive experiences” and anything that produces “positive life changes” as the best way to avoid feeling stressed.

Coping with stress

Does anyone remember laughter? There is a longstanding point of view that the best way of coping with stress is through laughter. CDC mental health experts say there is a set of stress reducing skills that are linked to such things as laughing when things go bad, or having a good sense of humor when the going gets rough. In fact, there is a ground-breaking anti-stress report from The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor that defines using laughter to fight stress as a “vital coping and healing mechanism” that everybody should try and use when facing life’s stressors. The Association also defines humor for stress therapy as something that is used to promote wellness and health by embracing more expressions of happiness and appreciation. There is also a view that “playful discovery” helps one’s mind forget stressors that tend to occupy the psyche if not sorted out quickly and effectively with a mental health intervention such as laughing.

According to famed neurologist Sigmund Freud, the best means to “forget about life’s troubles” and associated stress, is to simply “embrace humor.” Freud said that when somebody laughs during a difficult stressful situation they “feel better fast.” The famous shrink also believed in the power of clearing one’s mind of repeated worries and stressors; while asking: “What has worry ever gotten you?”

Fighting stress triggers with common sense

There are many people who worry about all sorts of things that, in reality, will never, ever happen. Thus, the best way to fight stress triggers is to adopt a form of “stress coping.” There are many mental health professionals who are promoting various mental health exercises that target modes of stress coping as the best means to stop or minimize anxiety.

Overall, there has never been a better time to use the many mental health tools or methods featured online to stop stress in its tracks. The best way to fight stress in one’s daily life is to find solutions that work to ease one’s troubled mind without the use of booze or drugs, say doctors sharing online.

Am I Spending Money On The Wrong Things?

In most cases, habits are created after an activity has been done several times over. While some acquired habits are good, some are very harmful, especially if they are affecting your financial life. Unfortunately, some of these habits are hard to detect until it is too late. Even after discovering that you have such harmful habits, doing away with them can be difficult. Most of the harmful financial traits people have today are acquired in their adulthood as they strive to cope with their demands. To be specific, bad spending is one of the harmful habits that can be hard to reverse. The commonest of all problems, in this regard is overspending. Again, you may be spending the right amount of money—in relation to your income, but are you spending the money on the right things?

Spending money on the wrong things is a financial problem that can be hard to detect. So, how do you know when you are spending your money on the right things? If you do not know what you want in the first place, chances are that you will end up buying the wrong things. As such, contemplating on what you really want before buying it will make you buy the right thing. With the following tips, you can detect and reverse this habit before it is too late, hence live a happier life.

How Much Of What You Want Do You Have?

Assume that you had planned to buy a nice home for your family by the time you are 40 years old. Then at the age 39, you realize that you have been making a six-figure salary for about 20 years, but still you do not have the home you had promised yourself. Instead, you are living paycheck to the other. The question in such a situation would be, where did all that money go? While your scenario may be different from this, you will realize that you spend all the money on the things you could justify at that moment, such as parties, cars and clothes. However, you did not spend any money on what you really wanted. Stopping to think about what you want to buy will help you make better purchasing decisions.

Prioritize Your Values

Values are simply what you desire with your heart and soul. Values are somewhat different from goals. For instance, your goal may be to buy a house within a certain period. A value, in such a case, is what the new house will represent for you. If you do not take time to consider your values, you will realize that your financial decisions are not in line with the values. Failing to prioritize your values while making financial decisions can make cause you to waste money on things that are not important. Again, if your spending habits are contrary to your personal values, you will not end up living a fulfilling and happy life. As such, your values should guide you when buying things so as to ensure that you buy the right things.

What Are Your Reasons For Buying Something?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to choose some things over others. Buying a car or a house are both important financial decisions. However, which of the two is the right thing to buy at the moment. This is something that few people take time to think about. If you follow your instincts, in this case, you are more likely to end up making the wrong financial decision. It is at such times that you should contemplate on your reasons for buying the two things. This will help you ascertain which of the two items is worth buying at the moment, hence end up buying the right thing. Again, some life choices are hard to make. If you remember your reasons for making such choices, you are likely to remain focused on achieving your objective.

Finally, all these tips suggest that you should have an accountability system to help you remain on track. Before you buy anything, such as a new TV set, a pair of jeans, or a car, you should first stop to ascertain whether it is in line with your values and reasons. If it is, you can proceed and buy it. If the purchase is not in accordance with your values and reasons, it would be wise to drop it. By considering such aspects, you will start making conscious choices; hence buy the right things every time.

Meeting And Dating High Class Escorts

Meeting and Dating High Class Escorts

When visiting a new city or just looking to enjoy yourself with a companion at home, many people look to enlist the services of an escort. With an escort, an individual can spend time with a paid companion on a regular basis. Escorts are among the most convenient individuals you can use when looking to get immediate companionship with little to no hassle. When meeting with an escort, you will usually go on a date and spend a certain amount of time with them. In order to take advantage of dating an escort, there are some things you need to do such as set up the date as well as determine how long it will last. Once you set up the appointment, you will then be able to do a number of activities with the escort.

The first thing you will need to do when looking to date an escort is to first set up the date. You can usually do this by either emailing them or giving them a call. Escorts in Vegas usually offer you to contact them either way. However using email is usually the most effective because it allows you to get your message to them immediately as well as enable you to give out more information about what you want to do. It is often the more preferred form of contact by them as well. During the initial process of setting up the date, you will need to give them your name, phone number, email address and also where you want to meet. They will also want you to tell them how long you want the date to be as well as provide information about your employment and of any other escorts you have met with recently.

Once you set up the date, you need to figure out how long you want it to last. Most Las Vegas escorts prefer that you set up a date that is at least two hours long. However, there are many who are open to one hour dates. While the two hour dates are usually the most common, many escorts offer date lengths that can last for three hours, four hours and also ones that can last for a few days. Depending on what you are looking to get out of your date with an escort, you will need to determine the length of your date to spend time with the escort of your choice.

After setting up the date one of the most common activities you can do with an escort is to go out for a meal which can be either for lunch or dinner. When going out for a meal, you and the escort can have something to eat while getting to know each other. It is a good idea to go to a nice restaurant that is quiet, comfortable and that serves nutritious food. This will make the experience more enjoyable for both parties and also provide you with a relaxing atmosphere.

Another activity you can do when going on a date with an escort is to visit local sites. If you are visiting a different city, an escort can accompany you when checking out a number of tourist attractions and famous sites. Since they are based in the city you are visiting, they can be a good tour guide and introduce you to these various attractions. When dating an escort in your home city or locale, you can go to the best restaurants, clubs, and entertainment venues. Therefore, you can visit a number of the top local sites when on a date with an escort.

Along with dining out at restaurants and visiting top attractions, individuals who go on a date with an escort can also attend a number of events. These can be social or business functions. At social events such as parties, you can have your escort attend it with you as your companion. This will allow you to make a very good and lasting impression on your friends and acquaintances. If you are going to a business function, an escort in Las Vegas can also be a great companion to bring with you. This will allow you to make an impression on your colleagues as well as have another person to discuss business topics with.

Dating an escort can be ideal if you are looking to experience things outside of your home or hotel. However, one of the best places to spend time at when dating an escort is at your home, your hotel or her home. At these locations you can just sit down and have a conversation with the escort. This will allow you to get to know them more and spend time with them just like a regular girlfriend.

Am I Happy?

“Am I happy,” this three word question does not have an easy answer and
I suspect it is probably something that people have been asking
themselves throughout time. Though a simple response can be given, it
requires more than a quick answer or a mere thought, but a real look at
our lives in its entirety. Perhaps, I have the mind of a philosopher or maybe
just a dreamer, but I always wonder “is there more out there?’ I am certain
happiness is a goal many of us want to achieve not only for ourselves
but our loved ones too. As a parent, we just want our children to be
happy and chose the right path. However, one person’s happiness can
be totally different from another as this is something I have learned
over time.

Though I do believe that we can’t move forward if we are always
looking backward, this question does require a trip down memory lane.
Growing up in the eighties, we did not have the same amenities
our kids have today. There were no personal computers to make writing
and gathering information easy. We actually had to use pen and paper
to get our messages out and visit the local library whenever a paper was
due. There were no cell phones to stay in contact whenever away from
home, so using a pay phone or someone else home or business phone
was the way to make our calls There were no instant messaging through
emails, texts, or social media and it could take days for us to finally get
any reply back. On a materialistic level, kids do seem to have things better
today. However, I do wonder if the overall quality is better. As kids, we
enjoyed the fresh air and spent our spare time outdoors, running and
playing, nowadays it is hard to get them out the house With gaming
systems and gadgets, their rooms have become “kids caves.”

I must admit the advancement in technology, have made things
easier not only for kids but for my life too. The internet itself has
opened up the whole world to the world. Patience has never been
my strongest trait so being able to get an instant reply back has
definitely been a plus. On the flip side, things that enhance our
lives can also complicate them. In the present, living a discreet
life is more difficult, as everything is so much more visual and
for some it really can make or break them. For me, I enjoy this
faster pace, but sometimes I do long for a more simple time.
So, I ask myself, “was I happier back then or now?”

For many, I know happiness means material possessions and
I must admit if I found a genie my first wish would be “billions
of dollars.” While lots of money, cars, cloths, homes, and anything
else we desire can be a good thing, it can also be bad too. From
personal experiences, I have seen those with very little of anything
who seems to always have a positive attitude and outlook. So,
I wonder “what makes them so happy?” On the other hand, I
have seen others who seem to have it all but they stay in
therapy and rehab. This does lead credence to the old saying
“money does not buy happiness.” So, I wonder “what makes them so sad?’

One thing I have discovered that bring happiness is having
something to look forward to. It gives us hope and allows us to plan
ahead. However, I wonder if it is only a temporary happiness
until it passes. Afterwards, do we grasp on to the next thing
to look forward to, or do we control our own destiny. I do know
there is a big difference between living and just existing from day to
day. In my life, I have experienced both and like others have my ups
and downs. I am grateful for all the good things in my life and never want to
take it for granted. At the same time, my biggest fans lately have been
“me, myself, and I.” I do not think of this as selfish or vain, because we
can never be truly happy if we don’t really love ourselves.

Through life experiences, I have concluded happiness come from within and
not from personal things or people. It comes from that inner peace inside of
us that radiates to our outsides. It is feeling good about ourselves and all
the things we do. Being happy is a emotion that can come and go, true
happiness can take a long time to obtain. On a personal level, it is still a
“work in progress for me”, but with each passing year I do seem to get
a little more closer to it!